Ferrari and Maserati Service

Perfection needs real professionals. Take your Maserati or Ferrari to De Poi workshop

If you have chosen a Ferrari or a Maserati as your driving partner, then it means that your passion for the automotive world has an edge. Therefore, you need a car maintenance service that always strives to verify the correct functioning of your supercar. Obviously with the same care and excellence with which it was manufactured and assembled down to the smallest detail.

The De Poi Group was born in 1917 starting as a mechanical workshop in Perugia. We have put the first piece of our history in car maintenance which we believe to be a fundamental starting point for understanding how the sophisticated soul of these splendid vehicles works.

Ferrari and Maserati offer you a tailor-made service of excellence for driving protected from any unforeseen events. The mechanics of these cars are at the top of the automotive industry and it is for this reason that they need specialized care to preserve their high performance.

In Perugia and Foligno, in the heart of Umbria, the Ferrari and Maserati engines pulsate

Thanks to the Ferrari Genuine project, all the Prancing Horse cars will receive treatment comparable to their luxury. A range of Ferrari accessories and car fittings, with which you can savor the Ferrari experience as a true protagonist, is waiting for you.

For ordinary or extraordinary checks, for repairs due to malfunctions, for replacements made in the absolute safety of original auto parts, you can count on the centuries-old experience of our company. Our mechanics are experienced professionals, capable of evaluating each mechanism in detail through the use of advanced and cutting-edge machinery.

Experience the adrenaline of having the best cars in the world and the best staff of mechanics ready at your service at all times! Our doors are open to those who come from all over Italy and our international team will meet the needs of customers who also come to visit us from other countries such as England, France, Germany, Switzerland and many more. Our offices are located in Umbria in Foligno and Perugia where you will find many Ferrari and Maserati branded jewels on display.

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